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About us


About us


 Ajuda Amiga - Mission


 Our mission is defined in our statutes, published at the portal of Portuguese Ministry of Justice: http://publicacoes.mj.pt (search for Ajuda Amiga), on the 17th of July of 2008, in article 4:

"Social purpose

1 - Promoting the economic and social development of needy populations.

2 - For the pursuit of its objectives, the Association will provide support to:

a) humanitarian projects of social support to needy populations;

b) Development of projects, especially in the areas of agriculture, services, education, culture and handicraft industry."


Our activities are described in the website of Ajuda Amiga.


 Ajuda Amiga - Organizational Information


Organization Name                        Ajuda Amiga


Office Address                              Rua do Alecrim, Nº 8, 1º Dtº

Postal ZIP Code/City                     2770-007 Paço de Arcos

Country                                         Portugal


Head-Office Addres                      Rua Mário Lobo, Nº 2, 2º Dtº

Postal ZIP Code/City                     2770-007 Agualva-Cacém

Country                                         Portugal


Telephone                                      +351 937149143

E-mail Address                               ajudaamiga2008@yahoo.com

Website Address                             http://www.ajudaamiga.com.

Tax Number (NIF)                         508617910

Bank Account (IBAN)                    PT50 0036 0133 99100025138 26

BIC or SWIFT                               MPIOPTPL

Number of members                       80

Type of Organization                      Non-profit, non-religious, non-political, and NGOD - Non-governmental Organization for Development





Lisbon 18-04-2008 - Meeting - A group of veterans of the Guinea-Bissau war, decide create Ajuda Amiga


 Evidence of Type Organization

We are a NGOD, registered at the IPAD - Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento. This institute belongs to the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All the Portuguese NGODs can be consulted at Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, official website at:




Our statutes were published at the portal of Portuguese Ministry of Justice: http://publicacoes.mj.pt (search for Ajuda Amiga), on the 17th of July, 2008.


The quotas of the members of Ajuda Amiga, the donations and the subsidies are what supports our activities.


Our strategy is an integrated approach to the problems, with the focus in the human development.


Our ambition is not to be great or to have visibility, but to do things the right way to get the best results. That means respect for each culture, fulfil the requests of the law, and collaboration and partnership with other organizations.


Ajuda Amiga - Communities Served


Ajuda Amiga does not limit its actions to specific geographical areas, but we perform our activities in countries where we have a better knowledge of the situation in the area, and these countries are Portugal and Guinea-Bissau (old Portuguese colony).


The major focus of our activities are in Guinea-Bissau, because it is one of poorest countries in the world. We have a very good knowledge about this country, an important condition for the success of the projects.


In Guinea-Bissau our main activities are in the Sectors of Bissorã and Farim, both are in Óio Region. This is one of the poorest regions in the country. We have also groups of volunteers in this sectors.


In collaboration with our partners we also have activities in Bissau and in the Region of Cacheu.


Ajuda Amiga - Contact Information


First Name                                      J. Carlos M.

Last Name                                      Fortunato

Title                                               President

Telephone                                      +351 935247306

E-mail Address                               jcfortunato2010@gmail.com


Ajuda Amiga - Board of Directors


President - Joaquim Carlos Martins Fortunato

Senior Manager, worked in major international consulting companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers. First degree in business management, expert in information systems architecture, methodologies and quality systems. Veteran of the Guinea-Bissau war. Global knowledge about the ethnic culture (balanta, mandinga, fula, papel, bijagó, felupe) of Guinea-Bissau. Responsible for the coordination of projects in the Sector of Bissorã (zone balanta). Current professional status: retired.


Vice President for Management - António Óscar Tavares Ortet

Bank employee, accountant service. Veteran of the Guinea-Bissau war. Born in Guinea-Bissau. Deep knowledge about the most popular language of Guinea-Bissau, the creoulo.  Current professional status: retired.



Vice President for Logistics - Carlos Silva

Lawyer, worked in the Ministry of Public Works and in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Portugal. Veteran of the Guinea-Bissau war. Global knowledge of the geography of Guinea-Bissau. Responsible for the coordination of projects in the Sector of Farim (zone mandinga and fula). Current professional status: retired






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